Failed Webmail login but logs show successful
Question asked by Mark Johnson - 2/13/2024 at 5:30 PM
Since upgrading to 8768 we've had instances where customers report they cant login to webmail, they get a uname/pwd error .. yet we check the admin logs and it shows a successful webmail login.
We test by impersonating or using a temp pwd and see the same issue ..
We restart the mail service and all is restored again, its happening a few times a week now ..

Anyone else seeing this at all?
Any ideas?

Support suggestion is to rebuild the server settings from scratch which is not really feasible ..

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Kyle Kerst Replied
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One thing I would check for is instances of file locking. We use various JSON and SBIN files to track sessions at times and if one or more of these gets locked by an antivirus, backup system, etc it could prevent us reading the current session details. A good utility for this is Process Monitor from Microsoft. You can configure it to look for any access to our install directory or the Domains folder (and subfolders) that isn't being initiated by MailService.exe, W3WP.exe, Explorer.exe, and Windows itself. That should tell you if anything else is touching and potentially locking those files. We have a fix coming in our next release which should make SmarterMail sessions handle these types of scenarios a little better, but file locking will always introduce trouble so its a good one to look for and eliminate!
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