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Idea shared by Jaime Alvarez - 1/6/2024 at 8:51 PM
I have been using harmonizely and then simplymeet for Scheduling and I truly appreciate the fact that SM now includes Scheduling into its product.  However, there are a few features that are very helpful and it would be great if you add them:

a) Text to include in the invitation (ics) with information or link to the zoom meeting. 
I see that SM has an option to select Online Meeting or not.  When not selected, you can include a text, but it sorta takes it as a real location to map in Google Maps or so.  But if selected Online Meeting it does not give an option to add a text.  Please add text field to both Online  and offline Meetings to add something like: "Please connect to my zoom meeting room: https://us02web.zoom.us/personalink " It is not a "location" per se, but a description text to add to the invite.  
This for me is the most important request for you! 

b) Min and max time before booking.  In my case I have 2 days before any booking and up to 14 days max for booking, but SM has the max to 12 hours for min booking and no option for max booking. If you divide this into two fields: one for a number, the other for Minutes, Hours, Days, it would be awesome.

d) Different available time frames for each day.  Example: Monday from 1pm to 2:30 pm and from 4:30pm to 5pm. (Because we all need some time to eat, right? ;)  )

d) Description.  For instance, I have a description text for each type of meeting like: 


All meetings are held virtually using Zoom. Please make sure you have the app downloaded and your microphone and camera ready. If you rather join a telephone conference bridge number, please let me know in advance.

This helps a lot.

e) Short scheduling links
If possible something like:

I understand that Scheduling is a new feature for SM and I truly appreciate it. These are just some things that could make it more awesome, thanks! 

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ST team, any comments on this?
Would like to see the ability to have a number of time slots per time. For Instance to be able to schedule 3 appointments at 1pm, 3 at 2 pm, etc. For Context, the blood drive could schedule 8 people per every 20 minutes to donate blood. It does not need to be 1 at a time.  We can schedule 15 volunteers at the same start time, and 4 donations drop offs every 15 minutes.
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ST team, any comments on these suggestions? I believe they would bring a lot of value to the Scheduling feature... 
Any comments from ST team?  Are you considering these as improvements of the Scheduling feature?
Came here to suggest some of these very things.  I am expressly supporting:

  1. Exclusion periods from scheduling times.
    1. I recommend a box-table, graduated by the shortest appointment type, where we can click on a box to activate that time period, or clear a box to deactivate that time period.
  2. Longer lead-times, customizable rather than just the drop-down.
  3. Shorter URLs (need a lot of this all around SmarterMail.)
All of these have also been pointed out to me as "must haves" by customers.

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