Device-code authentication for Office 365 e-mail POP/SMTP set-up
Idea shared by MvW - 11/28/2023 at 3:09 AM
It is quite annoying for us that the person who has permissions in Office 365 and can log-in for Smartertrack also needs to be admin in Smartertrack itself. It is undesirable from a data protection standpoint, even if it is just temporary.
If Smartertrack would use the device-code flow, we could pass the device code to the Office 365 user and they'd grant access to Smartertrack while we as admins would handle the set-up from our end.

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Kyle Kerst Replied
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SmarterTrack itself offers various role permissions and group/department configuration options that should allow you to set up an account specific to the administrator you're trying to restrict. I think your scenario might be more specific to your organization's environment than SmarterTrack itself. Here I recommend working with the team that is responsible for setting up those permissions/rights to see if a better system might be possible. If you find something lacking on the SmarterTrack side while reviewing those configurations we're happy to take a look!
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