Upcoming Compatibility with Entra ID (Formerly Azure AD)
Idea shared by Yannick Guerdat - 11/11/2023 at 11:16 AM

Dear SmarterTrack Development Team,

I am writing to inquire about the future integration of SmarterTrack with Entra ID (formerly known as Azure AD). Our organization is keenly interested in ensuring secure and streamlined access across our systems, and leveraging Entra ID could significantly enhance our operational efficiency and security.

Specifically, we are eager to understand if there are plans to make SmarterTrack compatible with Entra ID in the near future. This compatibility is crucial for us to guarantee secure access at an organizational level. Additionally, we are interested in knowing whether this integration will extend beyond authentication to include features like user access provisioning and rights management through the connector.

If it's not the case, have you any implementation of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) or integration with a more professional system than the basic login and password model in your Roadmap? Given the sensitive nature of the data handled by SmarterTrack, we believe that having a 2FA system should be a standard requirement in 2023.

We eagerly await your response and any information you can provide regarding these enhancements. The security and efficiency of our operations depend greatly on these developments.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Artionet.Group - Digital Transformation, eGovernment Solutions

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Azure AD is hackable in a very short time span using the 2FA on IOS and Android.

If you want secure, skip 2FA and use 25+ character passwords....
Thank you for your message Brian, but I doubt its relevance. 

A second factor is always safer than even a 2'000-character password. 

Have you ever heard of stolen passwords, for example? It's impossible to guarantee that all your employees' passwords are sufficiently secure, let alone that they're not being used elsewhere. So yes, 2FA remains the best option for me.

In any case, whether we're talking about Microsoft Entra ID or any other OIDC solution on the market, the question is the same...
Artionet.Group - Digital Transformation, eGovernment Solutions
We are using these exploits daily to prova a point at clients.


These among a lot of others.

But I get your question... just wanna chime in leaving my 5 cents of nothingness....

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