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Question asked by Jay Altemoos - 10/4/2023 at 12:36 PM
Good day,
In SmarterMail 15.7 there was a utility to rebuild a user folder if we needed to, I looked around in SM 8629 and could not find that funtionality. Is there an ability to do this is version 8629? I moved a bunch of GRP files for a user and issued a re-index but those moved files still do not show in the web interface. I even deleted the mailbox.cfg file from the folder where I moved the GRP files and issued a re-index, but the same issue still happens.

How can I get the emails to show? A rebuild for a folder worked in 15.7 for that issue.

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Millennium Systems Replied
Jay Altemoos Replied
Thank you for the response Millennium. I found the option just as I saw you responded. Much appreciated.
I have a couple of users who work fine via Webmail, EAS and even IMAP, but have problems with MS Outlook desktop MAPI synchronization.
Is it possible that using this feature to rebuild these users' mailbox will fix the errors I have with MAPI?
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