Autoresponder sent to CC'd user (ST8367)
Question asked by Artur Rzasa - 9/19/2023 at 11:43 PM
Hi All,
Not sure if there is some new setting, a new feature or a bug, but we've noticed on our install, if say a staff member emails into SmarterTrack, and CC's a third party, that third party will get an autoresponder with the ticket number.

This can be handy I guess, but in our instance, it will be our staff emailing another department for some action to happen, and CC'ing our customer so they know our staff are doing something, but then the customer gets a ticket autoresponder which confuses them as they are dealing with our staff member directly.

We didn't have this happen before so checking if its a setting, feature or bug? And if a setting, where to turn this off.




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