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Question asked by Juan Lai - 8/21/2023 at 7:38 PM
Hello There,

   We just enabled Add text to body for External Sender feature recently. But we have 2 domains (affiliated company) within the same server. Now the SmarterMail considers the other domain on the same server as 'External Sender" 

  Is there anyway to set all the senders within these 2 domain as internal sender? Since so many emails between these 2 domains....

   Thank you very much.

Juan Lai

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Ron Raley Replied
Juan, maybe there is a way to do this.  However, the feature is working properly since a separate domain (even on the same server) is still considered an external sender.

Maybe try adding each domain as a "Trusted Domain" in the domain level settings.  Worth a try.

Michael Replied
I agree. Started a feature request here some time back. Up vote and comment would be helpful.

Havent heard from smarter tools on it yet. 

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