Add Support to upload HEIC images in Chats
Idea shared by Jeremy Wesley - 6/7/2023 at 7:42 AM
At this time SmarterTrack does not support iPhone users uploading HEIC images, which is the default image format for many of the high end images the iPhone takes. The iPhone also uses this as its screenshot image format, why? its Apple.. 

While iPhone users can disable this so that the images are stored as JPEGs, this disables many image features on the iPhone. Users do not want to, nor should they have, disable a image feature on their iPhone so they can interact with support systems like SmarterTrack.

Since SmarterTrack is a web based product and most browsers don't natively support displaying HEIC images, If the images were uploaded as an attachment in the chat, support agents could enable support for these image on their local machines and download the images and view them. Mac supports it, Windows users probably have options as well.

The easiest solution is to enable SmarterTrack to accept these images and not try to display them in the browser but show them as attachments. Then agents can download & view locally.. This places the inconvenience on a much smaller number of users, those working with SmarterTrack, not random iPhone users that are just trying to get help from support and are already frustrated with "Their" issue. Agents are probably more technical as well.

If displaying the images inline in the chat is that important to SmarterTools Smarter Track Agents User Experience, I'd like to propose that SmarterTrack add support for this image format and convert it to jpg.

Googling how to do this in C# is documented quite well. 

Lets get some Support for one of these ideas..Give it a vote!
Thanks for your support.

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