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Idea shared by tunafish24 - 5/29/2023 at 12:49 AM
Just updated to latest build and I'm not liking the new UI. A common action for me to it select some of the spam emails that make it through or other marketing emails and just delete them. It was quite easy in previous UI.

In new UI, first I have to open Select menu and then choose "Enable Select Mode". Then I have to click on three dots (actions menu) and choose "Delete" - which btw is right next to "Delete All in Folder", so a disaster waiting to happen.

My recommendations:
1. Replace "Select" Menu with an icon button that enables select mode.
2. Bury the "Select all" and "Deselect All" actions in actions menu, as I don't really see the need for Selecting all Emails regularly? Delesecting all can be accomplished by turning off Select Mode or using the "Deselect All" option in actions menu.
3. Add delete button on toolbar as well, so that its easy to select multiple emails and just hit delete button.
4. Add option in settings to switch email list to paginated view. Scrolling list is way too slow when using on desktop (in a browser). With paginated view, I can guestimate and switch multiple pages quickly when trying to find some old email.

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IMHO for selecting multiple items I just use pressed left CTRL and click on messages which I want to select but maybe this is just me. 

Pressing Select all is not adding [x] icon next to select dropdown just like it is when selection mode is used so if you want to unselect all then you have to go to different folder and return.

When it comes to pagination maybe instead of pagination there could be some kind of small box during scrolling in messages list which is showing something like [4166/24556]. This could be some kind of compromise between infinite scrolling and pagination.

I'm also wondering if it is just me that in my opinion difference between read and unread messages is too small. I know latters are bolded but IMHO not that much to see it right away. I didn't had too many complains from my customers after new SmarterMail upgrade but I'm wondering how others see this particular UI element.
I'm also wondering if it is just me that in my opinion difference between read and unread messages is too small
I've noticed that as well, its quite hard to differentiate now.

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