Remote Rspamd learn spam and ham
Question asked by Roger - 4/7/2023 at 5:19 AM
Hello together

I have now integrated Remote Rspamd into the latest SmarterMail version and enabled it for the SpoolFilter. So far it also works via port 11333 on /checkv2 but how does it work with the


Is there any documentation somewhere which path this should be on RSpamd and how it is implemented/set up?

Thanks and greetings


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Webio Replied
IMHO you should just put there endpoint names which you wrote here.

More info on rspamd documentation:

/learnspam - Trains bayes classifier on spam message
/learnham - Trains bayes classifier on ham message
/checkv2 - Checks message and return action (same as normal worker)
This should work when client using webmail will mark message as spam or not spam. IMHO it works just like in rspamd GUI in section Scan/Learn where you are providing message source and press Upload HAM or Upload SPAM buttons.

EDIT: But I haven't used it yet since I only use latest SmarterMail builds on my incoming gateways.
Roger Replied
Thank you for the information. If I understood the following page correctly, it requires appropriate privileges for /learnspam and /learnham.

Is it correct that I need to create a key pair for /learnspam and /learnham accordingly? If so, where do I enter the public key in SmarterMail so that it is authorized to access these two parameters?

As far as I understand you can also whitelist the IP address of the system with secure_ip.

  • /auth
  • /symbols
  • /actions
  • /maps
  • /getmap
  • /graph
  • /pie
  • /history
  • /historyreset (priv)
  • /learnspam (priv)
  • /learnham (priv)
  • /saveactions (priv)
  • /savesymbols (priv)
  • /savemap (priv)
  • /scan
  • /check
  • /checkv2
  • /stat
  • /statreset (priv)
  • /counters
  • /metrics

I did some tests here with these commands using Insomnia and /checkv2 and /scan worked:

Commands like /counters /stat and especially /learnspam and /learnham bring an error see screenshot:

Roger Replied
I tried a bit more and found out that using port 11334 instead of 11333 works and /learnspam as well as /learnham can be addressed if the IP address of the SmarterMail server is entered in the configuration in Rspamd with secure_ip = "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx".

Using Curl and the Insomnia tool I can now address it and it seems to work.

Also on the server, rspamc learn_spam /var/www/folder/spam/ can now be used to learn a directory with spam mails.

However, in the SmarterMail logs I get this error message when a user clicks on the "JunkMail" button on a mail via the webmail:

[2023.04.09] on MailService.Spam.RspamdClient.<ReportSpamOrHam>d__20.MoveNext() 

In RSpamd then he seems not to have learned this message as spam.
Webio Replied
Hello Roger,

have you maybe solved this issue? I've updated SmarterMail to latest version (8545), added rspamd (used 11334 port) instance to my main server (I'm using incoming gateways to do all spam checks but option "Send user spam feedback to antispam providers" is enabled). When I click Move to Junk I don't see any JS errors but Bayesian statistics are not changing when I do that.
Just adding we have an Ubuntu based rspamd setup running using the Smarter Tools guide (mostly) and have also seen that there is nothing learned when using the "Move to Junk" button. The rspamd web console shows scores are working fine but nothing is learned (outside of my manual uploads). I can see the following in the "Error" logs:

[2023.05.31] 07:26:20.629 Response status code does not indicate success: 500 (invalid command).
[2023.05.31]    at System.Net.Http.HttpResponseMessage.EnsureSuccessStatusCode()
[2023.05.31]    at MailService.Spam.RspamdClient.<ReportSpamOrHam>d__20.MoveNext() 
I've confirmed my "Send user spam feedback to antispam providers" is enabled and our rspamd server settings look like this:

Webio Replied
IMHO just like Roger S. said you should use port 11334 since this is (learnspam) a controler port which is based on documentation on of its enpoints:

but anyway this is also not causing rspamd filter to learn spam sent by SmarterMail.
I think the SmarterTools team should put effort into making a WELL DONE guide on how to set up an RSPAMD server (maybe with Debian, not with Ubuntu...) and connect it properly to SmarterMail...

The current guide takes too many things for granted and also lacks some configuration and information regarding the connection between SmarterMail and RSPAMD...
Gabriele Maoret - Head of SysAdmins at SERSIS Currently manages 6 SmarterMail installations (1 in the cloud for SERSIS which provides services to a few hundred third-party email domains + 5 on-premise for customers who prefer to have their mail server in-house)
Webio Replied
I would not set this as top priority for them. This is separate product like SpamAssassin. If they will create KB entry for that then they will have to track possible changes in rspamd. When it comes to SmarterMail configuration then it is not difficult. It just does not work for spam learning. Scanning is working great.

There is possibility that for learning ham/spam should be used different port than for scanning according to this doc:

  • normal: this worker is designed to scan mail messages
  • controller: this worker performs configuration actions, such as learning, adding fuzzy hashes and serving web interface requests
Normal is on 11333 port and controller is on 11334 port.

But still learning is broken IMHO. I'm using 11333 port on my incoming gateways and 11334 on my main SmarterMail instance. Scanning works, learning not (and also reading passed spam score from gateways is broken currently - 8545 build)
I'm pretty sure the issue is that the SmarterMail settings page for rspamd servers only has a single field for the server address (which is where you include the port) however there are two workers that handle tasks and they do not use the same port (they cannot both listen for HTTP on the same port).

As Webio mentioned, the "normal" worker handles scanning messages and defaults to 11333 while the "controller" worker handles learning + web UI and defaults to 11334. We need some way to specify a unique path (including port) for each.
Webio Replied
There is one more thing I would like to check on your ends: can you disable rspamd from spam checks, have "Send user spam feedback to antispam filters" and check if you see any activity on rspamd from IP address from SmarterMail. Since I have scenario with incoming gateways performing all spam scan I don't do any scanning on main SmarterMail instance but even if I don't have any checks enabled in Spam Checks section I see scanning in rspamd logs.
Webio Replied
Can someone of you who is trying to make it work check rspamd logs for errors like:

Skip spam sample to keep spam/ham balance; too many spam samples: 1001

I've modified neural config file according to one of configs available here:

and now when I'm checking rspamd logs I see instead of mentioned above error lines like:

 tail -f -n 40 /var/log/rspamd/rspamd.log | grep learned

2023-06-11 09:48:21 #24292(controller) <a85e3b>; csession; rspamd_controller_learn_fin_task: <LOCALIPOFSMARTERMAIL> learned message as spam: fosVXYHK.....
2023-06-11 09:57:02 #24292(controller) <2a4f6f>; csession; rspamd_controller_learn_fin_task: <LOCALIPOFSMARTERMAIL> learned message as spam: 16864336.....
2023-06-11 10:24:22 #24292(controller) <bc1df0>; csession; rspamd_controller_learn_fin_task: <LOCALIPOFSMARTERMAIL> learned message as spam: synerise.....
2023-06-11 10:33:03 #24292(controller) <052d8d>; csession; rspamd_controller_learn_fin_task: <LOCALIPOFSMARTERMAIL> learned message as spam: 20230606.....
2023-06-11 10:33:03 #24292(controller) <003f14>; csession; rspamd_controller_learn_fin_task: <LOCALIPOFSMARTERMAIL> learned message as spam: 20230603.....
2023-06-11 10:35:43 #24292(controller) <7869f4>; csession; rspamd_controller_learn_fin_task: <LOCALIPOFSMARTERMAIL> learned message as spam: 1637fc51.....
2023-06-11 10:35:43 #24292(controller) <44719c>; csession; rspamd_controller_learn_fin_task: <LOCALIPOFSMARTERMAIL> learned message as spam: 6x58309......
2023-06-11 11:11:05 #24292(controller) <fe2471>; csession; rspamd_controller_learn_fin_task: <LOCALIPOFSMARTERMAIL> learned message as spam: 00000000.....
2023-06-11 12:35:17 #24292(controller) <0ba52e>; csession; rspamd_controller_learn_fin_task: <LOCALIPOFSMARTERMAIL> learned message as spam: 6x58309......
2023-06-11 13:22:09 #24292(controller) <cfa69c>; csession; rspamd_controller_learn_fin_task: <LOCALIPOFSMARTERMAIL> learned message as spam: 4eaff4e7.....

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