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Idea shared by Roger - 12/24/2022 at 3:38 AM
Hello together

The creation of appointments currently seems very cumbersome and the process doesn't really seem to follow a logical sequence. If you look at the current lineup you have the possibility to enter a location and on the right also a resource. This is not consistent.

I would suggest that when creating a calendar entry (appointment) the fields Participants and Rooms/Resources are not displayed on the right but directly below the subject see screenshot.

From the flow of the user think about the subject, the target group (participants internal and external) and also the location of the appointment.

Since there is already a field for location under the subject, it makes sense to link this with the rooms/resources. If a meeting takes place internally, it will select the name of the meeting room as an existing resource or any other entry. If the meeting is external, he will enter the address of the location.

When I organize a meeting, I always think about it:
- What is the reason (subject short and crisp)
- Who is concerned (people)
- Where does the meeting take place (internal -> resource / external -> location)?
- Is the meeting online?
- Descriptive text for the participants and myself so that one can prepare oneself

The input mask should also be structured in this order. That the recurring settings, the start and end time as well as the options are on the right does not bother me at the moment.

From my point of view, space would be saved on the right side again and the central points are summarized, so the customer experience can benefit significantly here.

Thanks and greetings


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Hello together

Am I the only one who finds fault with the current implementation here or are there other voices here with suggestions or even additions to my suggestion for improvement?

What does Smartertools think about it?

Thanks in advance

Kyle Kerst Replied
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Hi Roger, I just wanted to note that I agree and have added my vote. That said, we add/change functionality based on its wide support by the community, and so hopefully others will chime in here as well. 

But, during testing I have sent calendar appointments devoid of their recipients a handful of times because I didn't see the attendees listed near the top. This is ultimately a flow issue on my part, but I believe the interface could make this a little easier for users. 
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Hello Kyle

If I take M365, Outlook or the eM Client as an example, the setup is something like what I described. Wouldn't it be great if SmarterMail could also adapt this form?

Greetings Roger
hi Kyle
What do you think about this one?
+ bump

I would like to add the following here as a supplement:
- PopUp windows are absolutely out in this day and age of web technologies.
- Having scrollbars in the already unattractive popups is not only impractical, but also makes handling more difficult and is error-prone when collecting data. All other mail solutions can display all information in a single embedded window (without popup), and that responsive.

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