Folder Auto-Clean set to 90 Days on Deleted Items System-Wide, but Deleted in 7 Days
Problem reported by Ron Raley - 10/4/2022 at 12:27 AM
We have verified this behavior with one customer.  They cannot override.

Not exactly sure.  I may open a ticket.


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Ron Raley Replied
What log should we turn on to try to troubleshoot this behavior?
Tony Scholz Replied
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Hello Ron, 

You will want to make sure that the "folder auto-clean" log is set to detailed and let it run for a bit before checking. ( see example below ) 

Thank you
Tony Scholz
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Andrea Free Replied
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Hi Ron, 

The other thing to note with this behavior is that Folder Auto-Clean rules have three options for deletion:
  • Size of Folder
  • Time in Folder
  • Message Date
And there's an important distinction to make between Time in Folder and Message Date. 
"Time in Folder" means just that: it doesn't matter when a message was received, if it's been in the particular folder for the number of days specified, the message is deleted.

Message Date is just that as well: the date the message was received. If a message is a certain number of days "old", based on its received date, the message is deleted. 

If your rule is set with Message Date, any email that's over 90 days old will be automatically deleted upon being moved into the Deleted Items folder. And if the email got deleted at 83 days old, it would be auto-cleaned from the Deleted Items folder after just 7 days. This is because that rule looks ONLY at the email timestamp. Time In Folder, on the other hand, waits until an email has been in a specific folder for 90 days before being deleted.  

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


Scarab Replied
Not to hijack this thread, but I came here today to report the same issue with the most recent version of SmarterMail. Override Auto Clean Settings when set to either Message Date or Time In Folder does not work as intended for the Deleted Items folder. My findings are as follows:

When Override Auto Clean Settings is enabled for a user and they set it to either Message Date or Time In Folder emails are deleted from the Deleted Items folder after approximately 7-8 days, even when the setting is set to a higher range such as 90, 1095, or 3650 days.

The settings.json for the user shows the following:

"auto_clean_rules":[{"id":3,"folder_name":"deleted items","type":1,"threshold_days":1095,"threshold_mb":10,"goal_mb":5},
{"id":5,"folder_name":"sent items","type":1,"threshold_days":3650,"threshold_mb":10,"goal_mb":5}],
I have manually removed the following from each folder:

Time will tell if it resolves the issue or not. Should know for sure in a couple of days.

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