Keystroke Lag in Webmail
Problem reported by Jay Dubb - 8/10/2022 at 8:12 AM
We've had a few sporadic reports from users on Webmail, that while composing a new message (or a reply) there is a significant lag between hitting the key and the character appearing on screen.  (intermittent problem, not all the time)  We'd been working under the assumption there might have been an app on their PC/laptop that was pegging the CPU or otherwise heavily consuming resources.

But then it happened to someone on our I.T. team.  The laptop being used had near 0% CPU or disk usage, almost no network activity, speedtest was normal, and while it was happening we checked the server, which was also well within normal limits for CPU, memory, disk I/O, and network utilization.  It was heavily lagging for no apparent reason.

Has anyone else seen or heard of this?  We just got another user complaint this morning about it, and while it was happening, everything on the server looked perfectly normal (and we could not duplicate it on our own PCs).

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Zach Sylvester Replied
Employee Post

Thanks for reaching out to the community. I personally haven't seen this issue myself. Can you please ensure that you're running the latest version of your respective browser? Please also disable extensions and see if you can replicate the issue. Please also let me know what browser you're seeing this in. 

Kind regards, 
Zach Sylvester System/Network Administrator SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com
Jay Dubb Replied
Speaking to our own experience, everything is 100% current on patches-- browser, OS, and SM server.  While I cannot speak with authority to user environments who have reported this, we can definitely confirm it has happened on a fully-current system.

We've now seen this happen in both Chrome and Firefox.  No plug-ins, other than what gets auto-installed with the browser itself.

We had a ticket open at the beginning of the year (265-2961F7D1-0B0A) related to this. The server has since been replaced by one that has removed all question as to whether it was a server-side resource issue.  The intent of this post was to poll the community for their collective experiences, before going the ticket route again.
JerseyConnect Team Replied
We have not had any users report this issue.

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