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Question asked by Wesley Hendrickx - 5/24/2022 at 3:57 AM
Hi folks,

we're currently on the latest build of Smartermail (BUILD 8125) and we have the following situation;

User1 has shared his calendar with "FULL permission" to user2
User2 does and ADD to outlook of this shared calendar.
USER2 cannot edit / reschedule items that were created by user1. 

Is this normal behavior ? I expect user2 to be able to manage even the items that user1 created (full permission as configured per web client)

user1 and user2 both use latest version of outlook - MAPI connection established also..

thx for any comments/ ideas... :)

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Hi Wesley,

If both user are syncing with MAPI, User2 can connect the shared calendar to Outlook following our kb article Connecting Shared Items in Outlook 2016 and 2019 for Windows Via MAPI. If you are using Add to Outlook for the shared calendar there are some limitations and known issues that may be related to what you are seeing. 

If the users continue to have trouble with this I suggest opening a support ticket for additional assistance.
Wesley Hendrickx Replied
HI Emily,

Thanks for your response, but actually the issue here is that in the outlook profile we can't add an additional mailbox as per your instructions. The option is greyed out in the settings window...

running on windows 10 - with Office 365 

Tony Scholz Replied
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Hello Wesley, 

When you look at the user account what do you show under Type?

Thank you

Tony Scholz
System/Network Administrator
SmarterTools Inc.
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Rudolf Lindinger Replied
Hi Wesley,
i made a ticket for this behaviour (which is a bug) in march. Yesterday (3 months later!) i got a link for a Release Candidate Version which should work now as accepted. But this is not a stable release and i do not want to install this on the productional systems. 
i think i will wait for the release version to try if the calendar sharing and editing works now.
Rudolf Lindinger Replied
Sorry, i checked the tickets now: This ticket is from Oct. 2021 (so it lasted 8 months)...
Wesley Hendrickx Replied
Hi Tony,

it's an exchange type as expected..

I just created myself an account as well on that specific domain and tested in my own outlook as well (same build) and I have exactly the same behavior... as explained above.

Hi Rudolf,
Thanks for that info/update. I really do hope that they get this fixed ASAP because it's causing a lot of frustrations with some of my clients currently...

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