CalDav Sync for Outlook - Contacts Are Read-Only Due to GAL
Question asked by Jay Dubb - 3/28/2022 at 2:48 PM
We have a some users running the CALDav Synchronizer (from caldavsynchronizer.org) to sync their Contacts list.

When the account credentials are entered to the app, it detects the Contacts list and sets up the connection, but we've noticed it is set up as Read Only-- presumably because it detects the Global Address List as part of the Contacts list.  Because GAL is Read Only, it "appears" to set up the entire Contacts sync as Read Only, which would mean even non-GAL contacts would not be read-only.

Is there a workaround to this?  

Quite a few users on this particular domain are struggling with MAPI sync issues, and have opted to go back to IMAP plus CalDav/CardDav.  But the Contacts sync isn't working out as expected, and I'm hoping for some good tips we could pass along to the afflicted users.

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echoDreamz Replied
Your best bet is to open a ticket for the sync issues. We have mapi on some pretty large accounts with a massive number of contacts and have no issues with syncing. 
Jay Dubb Replied
MAPI contacts sync fine.  I'm referring specifically to IMAP users, who have installed the CalDav synchronizer (from caldavsynchronizer.org).  

When you give the sync utility the account credentials, it connects to contacts and sees both the Personal contact list AND the Global Address List that is auto-generated in Smartermail.

Because the global contact list is read only, the utility applies the read-only setting to all contacts, not just the GAL contacts.  Users cannot add/delete/modify PERSONAL contacts.

We're looking for any possible workaround that would leave the GAL contacts read-only like they're supposed to be, while allowing read-write for personal contacts.  And to reiterate, this is only a problem for IMAP users who run the caldavsynchronizer.org sync utility in Outlook.

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