What permissions are needed to create a ticket using the API CreateIncomingTicket command?
Question asked by Donavon McKigney - 3/14/2022 at 6:04 AM
The API documentation shows that the authUsername needs to have permissions to call web services. I have created an agent and assigned it the Administrator role.  It still fails to authenticate.  Can you tell me what roles this user needs and how to set this up to create a ticket using the API.  The API documentation is very poor.

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Tony Scholz Replied
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Hello Donavon,

For the Create Ticket call the user that you authenticate with needs to have this ability in the web interface, this correlates to what they can do with the API. 

Good rule here is , if they can do it in the web interface they can do it via API. 

Here is the call

Testing locally it is working. Here is an example of the call I made. 

The parameters that need to be passed are

    string authUserName, 
    string authPassword, 
    nt departmentID, 
    int groupId, 
    int userIdOfAgent, 
    string toAddress, 
    string subject, 
    string body, 
    bool isHtml, 
    bool setWaiting, 
    bool sendEmail

Please let me know if you have any more questions on this call. Thank you


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