Improve SmarterMail LOGs and more
Idea shared by Sabatino - 10/29/2021 at 6:14 AM
Also I have suggested both here on the community and via ticket to review the log system

My best experience with logs is with icewarp, at least in real time

Tracking a user's session based on IP in real time is a very useful thing for me during a support session, for example

Via ticket I was told that they were still completely overhauling the log system and therefore today I am confidently waiting

Also in my opinion currently sm is one of the best mail systems I have tried. But it lacks some features that would make it the top
1) A better logging system
2) An archiving system (without having to invent difficult rules to manage): eg. Automatic creation of an archive/inbox and archive/sent folder where to deposit all the incoming and outgoing messages of the single user and accessible via webmail to the user himself in read-only mode (it would solve many problems upstream, when a user is missing a message if he goes to look for it himself without creating a ticket) Icewarp does it, archive and archive folder integration in user imap, and retention rules for the archive folder. The archive system currently present is for administrators and not for the user and also has no automatic rules for clean
3) Generation of ssl certificates for domain based on SNI (here I know that they are working on it and that they will be able to do it after porting to core net)
4) Abandoning the weekly release on Thursday
5) 2fa for login administrator
6) Some handy features found on other mail server systems that are handy:
6a) backup gateway smtp out, i.e. if outgoing fails with default gateway, try another one. Currently it is possible to choose another gateway, but it is either used in round robin or fixed for a domain
6b) routing to another mailserver based on single email

I repeat I find sm a very valid product and I hope it can become the top 
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