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I state that I have been studying smarteremail for almost 2 months and that I have experience with other mail servers with an average of 1500 emails each.

The more I study, the more I am convinced of the goodness of this project. The flexibility of the configuration makes it in my opinion an excellent product. This flexibility, however, makes smarteremail unsuitable for a plug and play installation in my opinion and this exposes it to complaints from someone who does not have the time or the desire to investigate.

Having said that, however, I cannot fail to report some things that can undoubtedly be improved thanks to the experience with other mail servers.

He hoped that this could be useful for the growth of the product, some notes I have already reported in previous posts or via ticket and I must say that the availability of the support was fantastic.

We come to the topic that I would like to bring to everyone's attention and that I hope can be taken into consideration by the developers.

The logging.

In my opinion there are many things that can be improved, not so much in terms of quantity as in terms of visualization.

antivirus / security

I don't find it practical to have quarantined messages and:

1) having to open the message to be able to see who it was intended for

2) Having to copy and paste the message number, then go to the delivery logs to look for info on the virus found. A direct link could be placed

3) Why not create a Security log file?


I don't have a match between connections and activities.
As an administrator if you tell me that there are 10 connections from a particular ip I would like to know what it is doing.

I'll give you the example of another mailserver. Looking at a report by service in time and history (last x minutes)

As you can see I have a lot of info. I can filter by ip, see only client or server to server connections. filter for failed or successful.

I can also double click to open the detail of the log directly

This concept could be repeated for each log.

I think I wrote a little too much. But I hope I have been helpful.
Sabatino Traini
      Chief Information Officer
Genial s.r.l. 
Martinsicuro - Italy

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A further clarification on quarantine viruses

It would be a good idea to have a column indicating why it is in quarantine:
-Cyren: confimed, height, medium
-Clam AV
- Windows defender

In the case of cyren height and medium what I do is take the .eml and manually check it with an antivirus (usually with virustotal.com)

So it would be advisable to have the possibility to download the .eml

Currently I have to log into rdp on the server to do this

Sabatino Traini Chief Information Officer Genial s.r.l. Martinsicuro - Italy

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