Pasting Image Issue
Problem reported by John Marx - 8/17/2021 at 5:13 AM
Inserting my last bug report. 

  • Screen capture
  • Pasted (looked okay) and then the image vanishes
    • Tried from Greenshot screen capture as well as copy/paste from Paint.net with both producing the same result
  • Try pasting again and get this message
  • Pasted the image into Paint.net, saved, and inserted via toolbar
    • Did the same thing for the SmarterMail bug report I did so making this as a separate bug as it's a separate bug.

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Tony Scholz Replied
Employee Post
Hello John, 

Thank you for the report. We are aware of this issue and are currently working on it. This BUG is the same as the other one as they are both having the issue in the Froala editor that we use. Once we get one resolve the other should be the same fix. 

Thank you
Tony Scholz System/Network Administrator SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com

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