SM WebDAV for file synchronising ?
Question asked by Tom - 8/7/2021 at 12:45 PM
I'm using SmarterMail Free v16.3.6989 for personal use on Windows Home Server 2011 (WS 2008R2). I wanted to set up WebDav on the server for synchronising a password vault, but I experience a problem.
When the WHS WebDAV (see github.com/mschnecke/webdavwhs) is enabled, the Calendar sync for SM is not working anymore. After disabling WebDAV, the Calendar sync is working fine again.
I've been looking for hours on the internet for a solution but didn't find any.
Is it possible to use the SM WebDAV also for file synchronising ?
Can someone tell me how to configure this (in IIS v7.5) ?

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Tom Replied
Thanks for replying.
We are already using SM CalDAV for syncing calendars on ThunderBird en iPhone.
But when I activate WebDAV on the same server, the SM CalDAV isn't working anymore.
And I want to use WebDAV for syncing files without disabling the SM CalDAV.
Do you have a suggestion for a solution ?
Kyle Kerst Replied
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@Tom: I think you may be able to enable/install the WebDAV role services, then disable them for just the SmarterMail site potentially. While we do both use WebDAV, I think the base IIS services and the SmarterMail DAV services might be conflicting. Can you check to see if this is a possibility?
Kyle Kerst
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Tom Replied
Both SM and WHS WebDAV are running on the Default Site, and it's not possible to disable WebDAV only for SM. Migrating SM to another site is no option for me. So I can't use WHS WebDAV.
But I managed to set up a new site and activating WebDAV only for that site. Synchronising files will now be possible without conflict with SM.
Thanks for the hint !

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