Compose Email & Chat pannel
Idea shared by YJRox - 6/8/2021 at 9:22 PM
Dear Smarter Mail Team,
This is really one of the best product and with some small tweaking it will be super cool.
Functionality Ideas :
1- If you can make this small change that email should open in the same page instead of pop-out window it will be super amazing.

2- If you can put the chat panel in the side and opens chat in the same window this will be super cool.
Pop-out can always be an option.

3- Workspace directly turns the camera on directly, rather workspace could be just used to add people so they can collaborate and work on the files. And if they need they can turn the call / camera.

4- Files kept in drive if can have private and shared folder, it will be super amazing where shared folder can be used by company members and if some member shall not be a part of it then there should be option to un-list or list according to protocol in the access or block list.

5 When we open the homepage, the url for example is www.mail.com then it opens as www.mail.com/interface/root#/login   can we just somehow keep it as www.mail.com

I understand it will take some time and as product evolve it may be visible in near future.
Thank you for your support and wonderful product.


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