Google Drive sharing invitations are blank
Problem reported by A System Administrator - 5/28/2021 at 11:45 AM
As of a few months ago (can't be sure it was an SM update or a Google email format change) our users that receive Google Drive sharing notifications started reporting that the email body of the message is completely blank (white) and there is a notice at the top saying "Potentially dangerous scripts were removed from this message." Normally the body of the message would indicate a Google Drive file was shared with them and provide a link to access it.

Adding the sender (drive-shares-dm-noreply@google.com) as trusted doesn't matter and I see no way to "load anyway". This really hampers the ability to use Google Drive invite notifications because the only way to see any kind of content is to use Actions > View Text which is not obvious (or suggested) to the user.

I understand there is script blocking at work here to protect users but at the very least it seems that if the message contains a plain-text multipart then THAT could be shown in the message body area. If the author of the message included plain text then it seems reasonable to fall back to that if there are "dangerous scripts".

Has anyone else experienced this issue and/or have any advice to offer as a solution?


Edit: SmarterMail Enterprise
Build 7776 (Apr 16, 2021)

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Lee Tinch Replied
Having the same exact issue did you ever find a resolution to this? Thanks.
A System Administrator Replied
Actually some changes!

I updated to SmarterMail Enterprise build 7866 (released Jul 15, 2021) and I've noticed an improvement. The plain text of the message is now displayed but all the carriage returns are lost because it's not wrapped in <pre> tags (or styled with white-space: pre;).

Not ideal but at least the user can see there is SOMETHING to look at.
We are still using SM Enterprise 14, and have the same problem sometimes. Seems like the problem is somewhat depending on who sends the share. Some people we can get the share from, others we only get blank content on the email.
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