MAPI - Calendar Entries sometimes disappear
Problem reported by Rudolf Lindinger - 3/7/2021 at 2:02 AM
Hi, we have sometimes a problem with disappearing calendar entries. We have Outlook 2019 connected via MAPI to Smartermail 7719. If we make a calendar entry then it is being replicated to the server and to the connected Iphone and ipad. If we edit this entry and change the category (or set a category) and save it, then sometimes i can see the calendar entry for one to two seconds in outlook and then it disappears. It seems that it is deleted. But this happens not always. This is very dangerous if appointments disappear!
Additional it is a little bit confusing to set for example "blue category" but in the webview it is shown in orange...
I read with problem in Mails in another community message, which disappear when setting categories, so maybe this problem could also be here in calendar with categories.

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