EWS new account LOGS? (2 step authentication on em Client)
Question asked by Omar Escalante - 1/27/2021 at 12:23 PM

We have several em Clients running with EWS and 2 step authentication = PERFECT.
Then, we are using the passwords indicated on this card:

Now, forcing all to move with 2 step authentication, there are 3 em Clients with problems to create the account.
I am sure the user and password are wright, but we are rejected.
If I use the automatic configuration the msg is:
Or, if I use explicit EXCHANGE account:
The user has:
* MAPI/EWS = enabled
* The user and password are OK
* We use the password indicated under 2 step authentication
* Others computers are working OK

I go to emClient logs and Smartermail logs and I can't find the NEW ACCOUNT event and details?
How can I get the SET UP ACCOUNT LOG?
I can't find it at client computer (under em client) or server side (under Smartermail logs)
Thank you

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