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Question asked by Heidi Ridgway - 1/25/2021 at 1:05 AM
Is it possible to change the Active Groups for ticket allocation or logout another user? For example because their shift has ended and they forgot to do this.

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Hi Heidi,

In the current build of SmarterTrack, managers can use the Employee dashboard to make other agents unavailable in tickets and live chats. To access this click on the dashboard icon in the upper right corner and click Employee Dashboard

In the dashboard locate the active agent and either check the box and click edit, or double click on the agent to access their Active Groups.

If you don't see the dashboard option you either don't have the manager role or you are not on a version/build that has this feature.

Another thing you can do is enable the "Auto-Inactive" setting for the agent's groups. And check the box for "Hand-off on Auto-Inactive". Here's some information about theses settings from our online help:

Auto-Inactive - Enter the number of minutes after which an agent is marked as "Inactive" for the particular group. When an agent is inactive in a group, they cannot be assigned tickets, live chats and/or phone calls using SmarterTrack Communicator. (Agents can use Active Groups to go active or inactive in each group of which they are a member. Note: Check the enabled checkbox to enable this setting.
Hand-off on Auto-Inactive - This setting is used in conjunction with Auto-Inactive. Checking this box will automatically hand off any of an agent’s active tickets to another agent if the agent is automatically made inactive in the group.

I hope this helps!

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