Use/Add new address for domains outbound IPV4 in Smartermail
Question asked by Melvina Norman - 1/7/2021 at 4:46 AM
I'm using SmarterMails on my own mail server. For one domain, eventpourtous.com, I have 4 outbound IP adresses that I set by the feature in Domain > Manage > Security.

Recently, those IPs have been blocked by email client so I would like to change them. I have bought a pool of new IP from OVH, I have setup the DNS on my DNS Zone in Gandi (propagation check : 90% OK), I have setup the reverse dns in OVH, and now I would like to be able to change the IP inside Smartermail but the IP select-list hasn't been refreshed.

I've understood that Smartermail was pulling the IP from the server, so I thought once the propagation was spread, I'll see the new IPs ibn the list but I don't.

I've tried to restard smartermail service.

Should I wait longer ? Should I do something else ?

Thanks for your help !

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Melvina Norman Replied
I've found the solution.

I needed to go in Ethernet connection's properties, click on "Internet Protocol V4" and then the Properties button.

In the window that pops up, I clicked on the "advanced" button. 

In this last window I could add the new IPs in order to be pulled by Smartermail. 

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