Option to apply Content Filters to Junk Email Folder
Idea shared by Joe Davis - 12/15/2020 at 8:54 AM

We have an external mail filtering solution (MailCleaner) that works very well. Anything suspected as SPAM is tagged and SmarterMail is configured to move any tagged messages to the users Junk Email folder. This is working flawlessly. 

We have customer that has setup the Content Filter to delete messages containing specific words. Their view is that anything with certain very bad words should just be deleted so they don't have to review those messages in their Junk Email folder. Their domain is over 20 years old and they get a lot of SPAM but, due to the nature of their business, some SPAM are false positive. (They make clothing pattern software and their correspondence with customers often includes reference to anatomy). 

So... it would be great if we could enable an option on a Content Filter to apply that content filter to the Junk Email folder in addition to the Inbox as emails arrive. Currently, anything moved to the Junk Email folder by the SM SPAM filtering does not have the domain's or user's Content Filter applied to it.


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Derek Curtis Replied
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If you're running a current Build of SmarterMail (i.e., a 100. Build), Content Filters can now be run manually. So, they could always run that content filter on their Junk Email folder prior to reviewing the messages in it. 

Another option would be to review the spam score of false-positives, then adjust the spam scoring as necessary to try and cut down on them, or even start adding custom domains or even individual email accounts as Trusted Senders for their domain -- that will cut down on some of that as well.
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