Team Workspaces - SM Server an Active Hub or Just Initial Call Setup?
Question asked by Jay Dubb - 11/8/2020 at 7:38 AM
Does Team Workspaces use the SmarterMail server to do the initial connection AND continue as an active hub to route all video/audio traffic?  In other words, does it continue routing all the active video streams of everyone using Team Workspaces after the initial connection setup?  That could consume a LOT of bandwidth channeling many active video streams.

Or does it ONLY function to set up the initial connection, and then hand off the video streams as peer-to-peer traffic, whereby the bulk of traffic bypasses the SmarterMail server?

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Jason Wilhelm Replied
Any answer to this one?
Matt Petty Replied
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We only route the p2p connection details to each client. Each peer will build their connection to the other peers. We do not act as a TURN or STUN server and we do not transmit any video or audio data. However, we do provide the ability to provide your own STUN and TURN servers which when used will give the browser the OPTION of using the TURN server to transmit the data IF the p2p connection would otherwise fail. Sometimes a TURN server is necessary in some cases when clients might be in a configuration that prevents them from build a normal p2p connection, this can sometimes be the case in workplaces or networks with advanced firewalls in front of them.

So to summarize; no, we don't act as a middleman with the video connection, but do provide options for STUN/TURN servers.

NOTE: The custom STUN/TURN servers are configured by the domain administrators in the domain settings area.
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You can configure the STUN/TURN servers in Sys Admin > Manage > domain.com > General. We use two different Google STUN servers as default. If you provide your own STUN/TURN servers, we do not include our defaults.  Therefore, if you add a bad STUN server, you could potentially break p2p.

Jay Dubb Replied
That you provide the option to configure 2 default STUN servers is beneficial for those who don't want to (or can't) run their own.  Thank you for including that.

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