DKIM signature was not working properly on webmail since replying to 2nd email onwards.
Problem reported by Pan tigon - 10/4/2020 at 9:02 PM
I have successfully configured DKIM on my domain.
When I started sending an email from Smartermail's Webmail to an email address of Gmail, I signed DKIM to successfully authenticate at Gmail's webmail. Then from Gmail's Webmail I reply to that email (email address in Smartermail). After my email address at Smartermail receives a mail from Gmail, I reply to that email. After the email was received in Gmail's webmail, Gmail reported the wrong DKIM signature (dkim = neutral (body hash did not verify)).
The DKIM signature is only wrong when I use Smartermail Webmail, but when I use Outlook App as well as above, it does not happen.

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Ben Rowland Replied
Hi, I am also having DKIM problems (on 7577).

I have been using these tools to test it: https://appmaildev.com/en/dkim and https://dkimvalidator.com/

I use DKIM for many domains, but one has reported an error, and I've been able to confirm it. I receive this error when a receiver attempts to validate the DKIM  signature: DKIM-Result: fail (bad signature).

SmarterMail successfully enabled DKIM for the domain, which does a DNS check to ensure the record is in DNS correctly, so I'm not sure what the problem is. I've tried adjusting the parameters - key size, relaxed, simple, etc. but it fails each time.

I have enabled DKIM for all of our domains, assuming that SmarterMail's validation was working, but now I'm not sure this feature works.
Ben Rowland Replied
FYI, SmarterTools checked this out and confirmed a problem. It's really weird because it's only happening with one of our domains, not all of them, which makes this particularly tricky to debug.

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