Change in how agents respond to tickets?? Why?!?
Problem reported by Fred Hung - 9/8/2020 at 2:51 PM
There is a new behavior in Smartertrack that seems like a design oversight, or maybe it's just a bug.

When our agents take a ticket, it goes from the general queue into their own queue, which is normal. 
However....sometimes our agents will get a pop-up box in which to write their reply, but not always. When the agent doesn't see the pop-up box, they have to go into their own queue and find it, open it and reply. This has been happening since the upgrade to version SmarterTrack Version: 100.0.7524 

The new, really annoying thing is that when our agents reply within the pop-up box, the customer's initial question is not there at the bottom of the window. This means that our agents have a couple of extra steps -
1. They have to go into their queue and find the ticket (it isn't always at the bottom) 
2. Then the agent has to click on it so that they can read the customer's initial question.

It wasn't like this before the upgrade. Any idea why the upgrade downgraded the ticket-answering process?


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Ron Raley Replied
When replying to a ticket in SmarterTrack, there is a "Communication" tab.  This contains the entire conversation and can be reviewed without leaving the window.


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