Chat Window Not Timing Out if Not answered by Agent and Transferring to a Ticket
Problem reported by PCA - 8/15/2020 at 11:04 AM
I am using SmarterTrack Build 7479 (Jun 23, 2020). I have 7 departments configured, all with tickets enabled and only one department with chat enabled. There is only one agent assigned to that chat enabled department and it is set for Primary Group. Chat window works fine when that one agent in active state or not active state.

Now, if that one agent with the department that has chat enabled, leaves his/her "Availablr" when they leave their desk for a short while, if a visitor initiates a chat, they get the message that "You are now chatting with ..."

The chat icon in the portal with the one department agent that has chat enabled flashes on the portal and creates sound notifications as expected, but the visitor just hangs in the chat waiting for the agent to answer, sometimes for 10 minutes. Is there a timeout setting in SmarterTrack that would time that chat session out and offer the visitor the option to leave a ticket after a minute or so if the one active agent doesn't join the chat?

We could have more agents log in and make them a secondary group or in the queue, but that won't work for our company.

We just want the chat session to transfer into the option of creating a ticket if a specified time duration expires when the sole agent doesn't pick the chat up.

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