Outlook 2007 stability under the newest release for IMAP
Question asked by Michael - 8/7/2020 at 8:45 AM
We are looking to update from SmarterMail Enterprise Build 7242 to the latest release Build 7523. Many of our users connect using Outlook 2007 on IMAP. I'm wondering if there are users out there on the latest builds (since MAPI) that are having good stability and success? This will help us expedite our update. Our goal is to update all to Outlook 2016 (on MAPI) over time, but for a good while many users will be on Outlook 2007 IMAP. Appreciate any input.

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Douglas Foster Replied
The answer appears to be negative, per this post which appeared not long before yours.
Does Outlook 2007 support TLS 1.2?  There are multiple reasons to upgrade.

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