Latest upgrade (Build 7516 ) seems to cause a problem for older versions if Outlook (2007-2010)
Question asked by Jane Noel - 8/4/2020 at 2:31 PM
Since we upgraded to the latest version, many of my users with older versions of Outlook (2007 or 2010) are getting an error "Failed to update headers."  They can't make folders in Outlook and get UID errors regularly.

Once the click past the errors, Outlook does seem to work OK.  One said, "Honestly, it’s more annoying than it is affecting our work."  We never had these issues before this build.

We've tried deleting and recreating the accounts and that didn't seem to help.

I know the "right answer" is to upgrade to a supported version of office...but they aren't going to necessarily going to do that.

Anyone else see this? Any suggestions?


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Michael Replied
We have a lot of users still back on 2007. I'm curious to see if this gets a response.
Craig M Replied
The day after we did the 7516 upgrade, we received several complaints on the same issue.  2 users using Outlook 2010/IMAP experienced the same thing.  "Failed to update headers."  They can't make folders in Outlook and get UID errors regularly. "  This was never an issue before.  We upgraded on a Sunday night and Monday morning we had two reports of the exact same issue you are experiencing.
Employee Replied
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@Craig, have you opened a ticket on this issue?  If so, can you please PM the ticket number.
Tony Scholz Replied
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I wanted to follow up on this issue. For the issue of "Failed to update headers" we have a fix in the current public release. 

Build 7593 (Oct 15, 2020)
Fixed: IMAP "Failed to update header" error in Outlook 2010.

For the "The UID of a message changed unexpectedly" we found a fix and have it posted KB3522

Thank you
Tony Scholz
Technical Support Specialist
SmarterTools Inc.
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