Offline Clients for SmarterTrack ( Think : Slack & CLIQ, SalesIQ)
Idea shared by Jeremy Wesley - 6/22/2020 at 9:31 AM
We switched to zoho Desk with SalesIQ. We use to use SLACK and we started using CLIQ as part of zoho one.
I have been using SmarterTrack since it was SmarterTickets 2.5, I hate zoho desk but they have a mobile app. all be it, it has a horrible UX. The SmarterTrack web mobile has gotten better but there is still the missing push notifications when a ticket comes in or a chat comes in. This is one of the things that SalesIQ does well. It keeps track of the web visitors, they can chat and then those chats can become tickets.. its not really a sales/CRM tool, even thought the name salesIQ.

How can an ORG use SmarterTrack in a Slack like fashion? Setup Channels and visible past chats? I tried it was not obvious to me.

Having offline mac, windows & mobile apps really help deliver the push notifications to bring the user quickly to a topic. I have said for a long time the ST needs a mobile app, it has been followed by empty promises. Getting to the web site for the ticket or chat takes too long from a mobile app.

If you put the chat widget on your website how are users suppose to respond to chats when they are not at their desktop? In todays world more and more people are not at their desktop 24/7 and we need to have 24/7 chat available. Not being able to respond to these types of chats from our mobile phone cripples this feature usability.

I look forward to the response on how to accomplish these real world task with SmarterTrack. 

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