Conference rooms treated as Calendars
Problem reported by Jaime - 6/9/2020 at 7:47 AM
Just upgraded from the Nov 2019 version to the current production version and a big change appeared.

All the Shared Conference Rooms are now treated as "Calendars". In my case (and many others in our organization), we use CalDav to sync our calendar to a desktop application (in my case BusyCal for Mac).

Since the upgrade, every single Conference Room appears now as a different calendar.  This did not happen before the upgrade. So for me this is a bug since we dont want them as calendars, but only as "Conference Rooms". 

And then, whats worse, if I have access to a shared calendar or a different account, then I get also a separate calendar for each one of the conference rooms of that shared calendar account. 

Can you guys look into this change and change it back to how it was before?

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Jaime Replied
Here is a detailed explanation of how this is affecting the desktop users that are using CalDAV

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