When will next production build be available?
Question asked by Anthony DePinto - 6/1/2020 at 6:04 AM
As we all know, it's been since November since we've had a production release of SmarterMail.  When is the next production release going to be available?  Our AV scanner finding viruses in customer mailboxes and in the web interface attachment directory (and the difficulty in tracking these down) this morning has brought this to the forefront again.  Seeing as we support 4000+ mailboxes, I'm not willing to install the production ready beta and have to upgrade the server as the frequent patches are released but I do need some of the fixes that come with it.  Honestly, MAPI would be nice, but I'd like a couple of the other fixes that come with it.    

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Yes, we released the public version of SmarterMail last night, so it's officially out of BETA. 
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