Add a move button easily accessible on the WebMail interface, just like we have in Outlook
Idea shared by Ionel Aurelian Rau - 5/28/2020 at 2:42 AM

As heavy users of MS Outlook, part of the workflow of many of our employees consists of reading emails, then moving them to certain folders. This is really easy in MS Outlook since if you have selected one or more emails, then you just have to click on the move button on the interface and then select one of the last 10 folders you`ve moved emails to. It is really convenient and time-saving.

Smartermail`s WebMail interface has had some small but nice improvements (including the showing the total mail count + read emails on the bottom, highlighting an email if it`s flagged, etc) which bring it closer to MS Outlook and people are happier to use the web interface when they are working remotely (in-house they still prefer Outlook).
SM`s Move button is hidden behind the [...] Actions button, then you need to find the proper folder and it`s a pain in that small window that opens. Frankly, it`s easier just to scroll through the folders and drag/drop the mail. However, if you have many folders and one mail needs to go in a folder at a top of your list and the next mail needs to go in a bottom folder, it`s tiresome to scroll and search for each folder each time.

If SM could move the Move button out of the Action menu, it would be easier to access. I`m thinking something like this:
The order is not important.

Additionally, if the button could have a drop-down and then show the last folders you moved emails to (e.g. the last 10 folders, as is in Outlook), this would match Outlook`s functionality and would make the WebMail interface easier to use.

Hopefully this can be given a thought and implemented in a future version.

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+1 Good suggestion!

Here are a few more tweaks the dev team can make to the menu buttons:

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