SM Build 7433 Testing and Trial
Problem reported by Christopher Shirley - 5/13/2020 at 7:53 AM
Hi All, I am currently doing a trial for SM to see about moving to SM over Exchange. So far things have been going good However I am seeing some issues I wanted to ask about and put out there. Before I start, I know this is a beta, which is why I wanted to go ahead an report this, but at the same time ask about these items. Perhaps someone from SM could reply to let me know about these items I noticed in testing.

Here goes ..

1) When accessing the GAL inside Outlook 2019 (Office 365) You immediately get an error message about not being connected to the Exchange server. (Recreation steps, open a new mail and hit the To button.)

2) When creating a Calendar Appointment and checking the free/busy of other users added to the invite, it does not show this information.

3) All emails that come into the inbox of Outlook have the email address show in All CAPS.

I know one of these is a nitpicky thing, however I know my users and if I cant exactly replicate their current Exchange environment I know I will get calls. I am Loving the software so far and would absolutely love to dump Exchange. I feel if I can test and work out any little issues like this, I can get moved over to SM and be much happier.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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Andrew Barker Replied
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I have been looking into your issue with getting availability while creating a meeting. I haven't been able to reproduce the issue so far, and I need to get some more information from you.

  • Which build of SmarterMail are you using?
  • For the second issue, is the attendee in the same domain as the account being used to create the meeting?

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Employee Replied
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Hello Christopher,
I wanted to give a brief update on your first issue. Unfortunately, I have been unable to reproduce this one. We have made a lot of changes in the last week or so though so please update to the most recent BETA build and try again. If this is still not working let us know and we will open up a ticket so that we can look and see what might be causing the different functionality for you. Thank you in advance.
As for the other two issues on here, they are currently being looked into, but I do not have updates on them. We will continue to update you as we get more information on these.
Have a wonderful day. 
Christopher Shirley Replied
Thank you both. I ended up opening a ticket and am currently working on things with Kyle from your support team. We have gone back and forth many times on these issues. He also told me about a new build that he is trying to get me to check these issues out. Hopefully I will have that soon and be able to report back.

Thanks for responding! I will keep this thread updated as I work with Kyle on this. 

BTW I was on Build 7433 which I thought was the latest but Kyle said there was a new build put in place last night. He is trying to get me a copy of it.

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