Do Outlook Distribution Lists work when using MAPI with SmarterMail?
Question asked by Seph Parshall - 5/5/2020 at 4:12 PM
Up to this point, I have not been able to use Distribution Lists properly in Outlook when not connected to an Exchange Server. The workaround I've had IMAP customers use is to create a separate .pst file and group of folders below the IMAP Default folders and have them create Distribution Lists in a Contacts folder there.
Can Distribution Lists work properly now in the Default Contacts folder when using MAPI with SmarterMail?

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Larry Duran Replied
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Yes, distribution lists work with MAPI and SmarterMail.  The list will sync into SmarterMail's webmail so you'll be able to see the data there, however, you can only modify them using Outlook.
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