SM Upgrade from 15.7.6855.15696 to Current (7242) - Zero domains listed after the new S/W install, service start.
Problem reported by Jim Ash - 5/3/2020 at 9:24 AM
In an attempt to upgrade from SM 15.x to 7242, after installation of the current build, there were no domains listed (zero). The current domains in the domainList.xml (from the 15.x installation) were not found. However, I could add a new domain. Because it was a late night conversion and not finding any press, I had to reinstall 15.x - note that no conversion occurred. Any help much appreciated...

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Employee Replied
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Can you search the logs for conversion.log?  It should state any errors/warning that were encountered.
Jim Ash Replied
A search did not turn-up conversion.log on the server.
Andrea Free Replied
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Hi Jim,

Licenses with active Maintenance and Support are eligible for technical support from our Support Department. I'm going to start a ticket so we can work with you to get your installation upgraded. 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


Jim Ash Replied
Hi Andrea:

Thanks so much for reading in on this. I have been a SM user for more than a decade, like since before version 7 and have always paid the yearly support. I keep the OS on C:\ and the data on D:\ for performance purposes so I am guessing this is simply a location issue. The program install location (as asked) is D:\Program Files (x86)\ and the data is located at D:\SmarterMail\ (I have always used this method). Please note that during the install of the new s/w, the only question was where to install and NOT where the data data was located. Guessing my location is not a SM norm...

Again, for clarity; the SM install path is:

D:\Program Files (x86)\

And the domain data is located at:


Again, please note that there is no SmarterTools product installed on C:\...

To further answer you questions; I was installing to the correct location for the 15.x previous install. It is a custom path. I was able to log in to the existing SM sys admin - no new admin was required.

Since this is a production server, I CANNOT upgrade during business hours. I can't plan an upgrade until I have a resolution on this.

Thanks in advance...

Heimir Eidskrem Replied
We use the same setup Jim.
Have not done an upgrade yet.  
We are still running ver 15 too.
Will migrate domains to 17 when the MAPI goes live.

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