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Idea shared by echoDreamz - 3/23/2020 at 12:23 PM
Well, I knew it was going to happen, today confirmed it. Our support manager told me they've had nearly 50 tickets complaining about the new SM build, mainly the lack of an ability to disable the preview pane completely, but a few asking why they cannot put it on the bottom anymore.

I dont use the web interface, along with many many others, but those that do seem really upset that the preview pane cannot be disabled.

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We have had numerous calls to turn it off. No one (here) used the bottom pane but do see it as beneficial for others.
We estimate waiting ...
We can't afford to update to the latest version until the preview pane options are restored, otherwise we will surely be inundated with the phone calls.
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In the next public build release, we are re-adding the option for users to show or hide the preview pane. Please note that only the right-side preview pane will be available; the bottom pane is no longer an option.

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