Use 'GAL' instead of Global Address List
Idea shared by kevind - 3/3/2020 at 3:49 PM
Suggestion: When viewing Contacts in grid view, just use the term "GAL" in the far-right Source column instead of spelling out "Global Address List" which takes up too much space.

When spelling it out, the 3 words sometimes wrap into 3 separate lines. This triples the row height of each contact and only allows you to see 1/3 of the contacts.


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Kevin, I have changed this. It will be in the next public BETA release.
Great! We have a lot of customers who are on the fence about whether to upgrade from v15 or move to another mail platform. Most use the web interface so don't care about MAPI. Making small UI improvements like this will help keep them on SmarterMail.

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