unable to upload image to kb article
Problem reported by Glen Harvy - 2/9/2020 at 11:16 PM

I'm using the latest version on a shared hosting IIS installation.

When I try to insert an image into a new KB article I get the following:

The image shows as shaded in the above capture.

I've attached all logs that were created before and during when the error was shown.

Thank you.

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Emily Ward Replied
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Hi Glen, 

Per our ticket, I was able to replicate this error after I made a change in the settings.  As the system administrator I went to Settings > Configuration > Security > Uploads tab.  I removed the default asterisk (.*), that allows all file types, from the top section "Allowed extensions for document uploads in HTML editor" (see the below image).  In that text box I put ".doc" (no quotes), then tried to upload a .png to a kb article.  That is when I got your error.  

Emily Ward
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