How do you add a transport rule to Smarter Mail
Question asked by Daryl Fernquist - 2/3/2020 at 6:08 PM
Unfortunately I am getting hit hard by Russian emails and they are bypassing my Barracuda SPAM protection by somehow just using Smarter Mail.  

The tech I spoke to at Barracuda says that if I set up a transport rule on my Smarter Mail server, it will block any emails not coming from Barracuda.  Which sounds like it would work.

So my questions is, where or how would I setup this transport rule in my Smarter Mail server?



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Daryl Fernquist Replied
Still no answers everyone?  

I just need to know how to stop all email traffic unless it comes from these two IP ranges. 

Where would I input those two strings?


Employee Replied
Employee Post

One thing you could do is blacklist an entire IP address range and Whitelist the IP addresses/ranges you want to allow to send to SmarterMail.  You could also create a content filter for a whole domain, but there is not a way to use IP addresses as the criteria for those.  You may also want to adjust your spam weights and spam filtering actions.  If the messages that are coming through are getting scored too low you could adjust the weights.  Or if they have a satisfactory score you could adjust the spam filtering actions as needed.
Christopher Hiatt Replied
To just allow two IP addresses I would set up a filter at the firewall instead. That will block it all and maybe clean up the logs by not having all the other attempted connections happening all day.

I only use the built in spam filters with a LOT of GeoIP and TLD blocking at the firewall. We get very little truly unwanted spam come through.

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