How to forward email using filtering rules?
Question asked by Kunal Mayekar - 2/3/2020 at 3:16 AM
The scenario in which the email should be forwarded is explained as below:

There are 3 email accounts in a single domain:
Sender email address: aaa@xyz.com
Recipient email address: bbb@xyz.com
Email address where email is forwarded from bbb@xyz.com: ccc@xyz.com

Now, the scenario is that I want a content filtering rule to be configured on bbb@xyz.com such that when an email comes from only aaa@xyz.com with a specific subject contains for eg. test as the subject, then only, the email is to be forwarded to the email id ccc@xyz.com and one copy is to be kept on bbb@xyz.com that is my email id.

Please let me know the possible way in which this is possible.

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