Scheduled sending of emails
Idea shared by echoDreamz - 1/31/2020 at 2:02 AM
We've had quite the number of customers ask for the ability to schedule sending of emails at a specific date/time. A few we've gotten off to Outlook, since Outlook has the ability to do this, however, the specific client that is really wanting this is a 911 center and their machines cannot have any other software than their medical and telecom apps and the Edge browser.

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Matt Petty Replied
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This is a very good suggestion. Were you thinking a feature in webmail (per email) or like a user schedule for their entire account?
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A schedule that can be set per email in webmail. 
Add a new setting to the new email popup/popout that defaults to "Immediately" or "Now" but allow the user to specific a specific date/time they'd like to send the email. Not sure exactly where to save the email, maybe to "Drafts" or the "Sent Items" folder but have a flag that shows the email is pending or something.
This probably would also tie in with the "Undo Send" feature that has been asked before and that Gmail/Outlook.com employ, which is actually just "Delay Send". It would be nice if we could allow each person to set their own preference when sending, such as:
- Send immediately
- Delay send by XX seconds (10/15/30/60 seconds, etc) -> this to be able to undo send in case one realizes they send the wrong mail to the wrong recipients for example
- Schedule send

Now these would be next-gen features for an email server, especially if they could be set at the Server/Domain/Account level and would have effect regardless of the mail client.

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