Android phone + Gmail + SmarterMail = cannot delete messages?
Problem reported by Eric Bourland - 12/23/2019 at 12:46 PM
SmarterMail Enterprise Build 7242 (Oct 30, 2019)

Hello, friends. May I ask you advice, please?

* My client Barb uses an Android phone; on her Android phone, she uses Google Gmail to manage her SmarterMail email.

* Since I updated to Build 7242 last week, Barb says she cannot DELETE SmarterMail messages in her Gmail account on her Android phone.

* Otherwise her SmarterMail account seems normal. Has anyone else encountered this very specific problem? Android phone + Gmail + SmarterMail = cannot delete messages?

Thank you for any advice. Eric

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Since your SmarterMail license key has active Maintenance and Support currently, I would recommend creating a support ticket so that one of our technicians can take a closer look for you.
Eric Bourland Replied
Will do. Thank you.

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