Having a hard time with yahoo/aol/verizon
Question asked by Marc Frega - 12/12/2019 at 7:12 AM
for almost 2 weeks now I have been getting my emails delayed to yahoo/aol/verizon.net

Its a real problem for me and I cannot find why this is happening. Any experts on dealing with this?  Im not on any blacklists that I can tell. My server has had issues in the past with hacked accounts sending spam through various customers maybe 1 time each month but I typically throttle that kind of traffic so it doesn't get out of hand.

yahoo is essentially has a canned reply on this when I try to reach out.

Remote Server returned: '421 4.7.0 [TSS04] Messages from temporarily deferred due to user complaints -; see https://help.yahoo.com/kb/postmaster/SLN3434.html'

the above message is what I get.

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A lot of the time delivery issues to Yahoo and similar providers is rooted in missing DNS records: 

If those are squared away you may need to implement DKIM/DMARC for the sending domain: 

If those check out, another good test is to head over to mxtoolbox.com and check the sending domain to see if its listed on any blacklists. Beyond that its possible Yahoo is simply deferring incoming messages from your server due to the volume of sent messages, and this is best handled with Domain/User throttling: 

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