Deleting orphaned calendar items
Question asked by Martin Schaible - 12/7/2019 at 10:12 AM

A customer needs to delete calendar entries and nobody can't remember, where the calendar entries created.
The calendars are shared too.

I have the names of the title of the calendar items and i want to delete the stuff easy as possible.

Any idea, how i can solve this? Is it a good idea to search in the xml-flies and delete the items there?


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Martin Schaible Replied
Still looking for an idea to fix this.

Matt Petty Replied
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If you know the names of the items you can use the "All appointments" view and search. If that does not work you can find the matching "folder-****.json" file that contains the calendar items and remove them manually while SM is not running.

EDIT: To find which folder-***.json to modify you can search inside of "folders.json" to get the "id" of the folder your intending to change, then once you have the id you can find it's file, "folder-<theid>.json"
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Martin Schaible Replied
Thanks! This will be fun ;-)

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