BETA 7269 : Cannot open shared calendar for Domain conference rooms
Problem reported by Ciaran Morgan - 12/4/2019 at 3:46 PM

1. In Outlook calendar view, click on "Open Calendar" and select the "From Room List" option.
Dialog correctly identifies that the room exists but gives an warning that "no matching entries were found".
If you use the Outlook Scheduling Assistant when creating a new appointment, no information is displayed for any preexisting bookings of the meeting room.

question becomes how to find out if a meeting room is available to assign to a meeting in Outlook?  The Meeting rooms are correctly displayed as a shared calendar in webmail.

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Derek Curtis Replied
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Regarding conference rooms, we found a bug in MAPI that prevents them from working. They work fine in EWS as it's properly returning the info for domain conference rooms. MAPI, however, is not. We're looking into it and hoping we can get it fixed in the next BETA.

As a workaround for now -- until we can get the bugs worked out -- you can create a new user and use their calendar as the "domain resource" -- just share their primary calendar with everyone in the organization, giving control as needed to your users. Secondary calendars can be used as domain shares as well.

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